Bangladesh mural 1Bangladesh mural 1

Mural design proposal 'With love..' for a ward in Royal London Hospital

In this ward, the patients are usually aged 65+ and many of them show signs of dementia. They spend around 2 weeks at the hospital recovering from a range of medical issues, and they are mainly from the local area, Whitechapel. The murals would be used as visual guides for orientating in the ward, as a tool for memory and it should help calm the patients. The proposed designs should also have to be dementia friendly,  for example this can mean not using reflective surfaces and using contrasting colours. 

I was inspired by seeing how people put up their postcards to remind them of their loved ones, I wanted to play on the idea of the ward being surrounded with different postcards and stamps. Relationships are what relate us all, irrelevant to race and age. I wanted to focus on positive memories, and to create an environment of nostalgia.


Reflecting on the multicultural environment in the ward and in the local area

When discussing with the nurses in the ward, I found out that the patients represent a wide range of nationalities. I decided to have each of the rooms themed by a specific country. The postcards would show the scenes of nature common to the country and in the stamps I would visualise various national symbols, such as national animals and plants

Final proposals presented to nurses at Royal London Hospital

I decided to use a large print on at least one of the walls, and using the stamp elements in smaller areas. These illustrations would be used to create a positive atmosphere in the ward, and the minimalistic style would allow the work to be appropriate for a wide range of audiences.