Tactile design

In this project I wanted to experiment with finding a way of improving every day objects. I became interested in working with transportation and identification card when I noticed how often I accidentally mix up my cards, for example when entering my university. This led me to think of how the texture of these cards could be changed to make them easier to use by different people.

Creating textured card prototypes by using 3D printing

To create distinctive tactile surfaces I decided to use 3D printing. This allowed me to create specific textures and to create cards which are small enough to fit in a wallet.

I used TinkerCAD to create the surface design and then used the 3D prints to create photographs to imagine how it would be to use textured cards in real life.

Final outcomes

In these photographs below I wanted to show how these cards would be used in an every day setting.

LR Tactile design 2LR Tactile design 2
oyster 3 25.05.15oyster 3 25.05.15